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A Sneak Peek Into The Evolution Of Online Gambling Industry

A Sneak Peek into the Evolution of Online Gambling Industry

Online betting malaysia, in short, means any games that comprise betting. Some of the popular casino game includes poker, blackjack, and slot games. Apart from that, the advent of the online platform also paved the way for more options to play. It is estimated that online games started-off around the mid-1990s. However, it was only around 2000s the people started embracing the online medium. From its initial stage onwards, online gambling has grown and is expected to reach more than 94 billion USD by 2024.

A Quick Glance into History of Online Casinos

It was around 1994, a small firm, known as Microgaming developed online casino software. This software later claimed to be the first online casino in the world. Thus, the online gaming industry got initiated. Even though the casino gaming platform was vibrant to its users, poker found a special place. Also, it made a massive impact on the players and in the market for several early years. It all emerged with a small poker site known as Planet Poker in early 1998. After its initiation, it was the only popular virtual game in the town. As soon as the people started enjoying online casinos, its popularity grew no bound. Casino sites started offering other games and similar betting platforms like sports betting and bingo. The industry began to flourish after the turn of the century.

 Technology Driven Casino Industry

At present, technology integrated casino platform is available even on the mobile screen to PCs, and various kind of payment program emerged making the payment option easy, VR and 3D games prospered, these are just a tip of the iceberg. Without technological advancement, online gambling would have stayed stagnant. Not only that, but the products also started seeing a huge hit. Live dealer and casino became very interesting, and people all around the world began embracing the technology-driven casino platform and in return got a significant user experience.

 Licensing and Regulation

As soon as the first online gambling platform was launched, There was relatively less consumer protection. The Curaçao eGaming Commission was a prominent body in regulating the online gaming platform. It was in 1993, new rules and license regulation that covers the novel gambling commerce emerged and a government body was established formally in the year 1996. As the online casino platform started growing, more and more players, as well as investors, started overflowing and the need to protect the platform increased. As a result, many of the technology incorporated options as well as other playing and betting options saw a highly secured ecosystem.


Since we know about the evolution of online casino platform, as the years go by, more and more players are embracing this mode of gaming. Therefore the security system needs to be highly secured and should be robust. We can expect more robust systems and a variety of games in the coming years.



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